Teaching 101: My First Class


Throwback to November 2013 when I found myself watching Youtube videos on how to decorate cupcakes. Yes lovelies, you’ve read that right: DECORATE. 4 years ago I had no clue on how to decorate cupcakes, let alone decorate wedding cakes! A few months later and I finally decided to venture into the colourful world of selling baked goods armed with the knowledge I acquired from all those 5-minute tutorial videos I’ve been obsessively watching. I felt I was ready to unleash my crazy into the world. Turned out, the world wasn’t ready for my crazy!

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I needed to upscale myself if I wanted to pursue this newfound career. I was back behind my trusty Mac one evening searching for “cake decorating classes in Dublin.” Decobake classes came up at the top of the search engine list and I couldn’t be more thankful for that moment when I clicked that link and brought me to where I am today. Fast-forward to 2017 and I now specialise in decorating tiered wedding cakes with pretty and delicate sugar flowers. 

Blushed Blooms

Sugar flowers dominate most of my cake designs and I think it’s only fitting to start my first ever class with the basics of making these edible beauties. After browsing through my portfolio a.k.a. my Instagram account, Amy (the brain behind Decobake) and I decided that my first class would be recreating a design I previously made: a small tiered cake with cascading sugar peonies and roses.

Just like any other “first days”, the run up to the day of the class became quite nerve-wracking. As I was asked about the equipment list, things quickly became very apparent. “Is this really happening?”, “What am I doing?”, “Can I really do this?” — these were just few of the questions that ran across my mind over and over and over. But just like any other first days, I quickly regained my confidence and excitement back as I reminded myself with how I wanted to teach in the first place.

The atmosphere in the class was carefree, fun, and friendly. I made sure of that. We were joking, laughing, sharing experiences with baking and decorating, and why we’re doing the class, both their reason and mine. My 11 students were all very cheerful, lighthearted and were such a pleasure to teach. This definitely helped the class run super easy and very smoothly.

The final results were phenomenal! I was extremely proud of how my students’ work turned out. This came as no surprise really as all of them were very hardworking and über dedicated. I was seriously impressed and tremendously proud! Click here to see more photos from the class.


I’ve attended a number of classes in Decobake myself. One in Clane, another one in Galway, and a good few in Bachelor’s Walk. Decobake has been a huge part of my cake designing journey to say the least and to be asked to be a part of their teaching team is both an honour and a privilege.


One thought on “Teaching 101: My First Class

  1. Jen this story is both beautiful and inspiring. I’m still filled with the joy of that wonderful day. I look at my lovely cake daily and still get a thrill that you will understand as a fellow cake decor skills appreciator. I’m so lucky I found you and your wonderful personality and skills. Xx


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